On the Trail of a Lost Friend

The first chapter of the audiovisual correspondence
between Adèle du Lac and Bruno Camino

Duration: 86 minutes

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In February 2002, Bruno arrives in New York to begin the search for his lost friend, Rick Crone. His arrival coincides with a fierce wave of patriotism that invades the United States. The fluttering of omnipresent flags announce a growing spiral of wars baptized in the name of the "war on terror", a chorus with continuous praise to God by the leaders of a bewildered country. The media is busy propagating the fear, a familiar situation that evokes the opportune memory of the devastating wars that sowed the barbarism of the twentieth century in Adèle du Lac, an old friend of Bruno and Rick. Wars in which, also in the name of God, the winning side used terror against the civilian population on a massive scale.

In this chapter, in the light of the tragic memory of the century in which she lived, the elderly Adèle revives certain stories of her past, among which stands out that of Mike Crone, the grandfather of the disappeared Rick. Mike died in World War II, in the Allied bombing of the German city of Dresden. In the days that followed the destruction of the city in which he was imprisoned, Mike suffered a crisis of faith, after which he starved himself to death. A gesture which, for Adèle, could be behind the motives of the strange disappearance of young Rick.

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