The project to complete this website with the correspondence of Adéle du Lac and Bruno Camino along with other materials - referred to Rick Crone or Bruno's mother, Lidia Oliveira - remained unfinished due to financing problems. The scarce resources reached only to completely restore the first installment (On the Trail of a Lost Friend) and to add some fragments of Adèle du Lac's work Memories about Authorship, as well as an original audiovisual postcard sent by Bruno to his mother Lidia during his inquests in search of Rick.


The book Memories about Authorship can be read through this entire section. Click on the image to begin now.

Click on the image to read and view the audiovisual postcard of Bruno Camino to his mother Lidia Oliveira.

NOTE- Some people think that Bruno Camino and Adèle du Lac never existed. What a lack of imagination! 😉